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The Early Courts of Upper Canada

The records of the early courts of Upper Canada provide fascinating details on early inhabitants that are not available in any other sources.  

The chart below shows the three courts that had jurisdiction at the time and the types of crimes for which each was responsible.

Assize Courts

Quarter Sessions

Summary Courts

Heir & Devisee Commissions

Heir and Devisee Commissions were set up to determine the ownership of lands in Upper Canada for the purpose of issuing the first (or patent) deeds. The papers of the Commissions contain tickets of location, transfers & any other evidence useful to prove ownership, judge’s minute books, etc. These constitute a record of the settlers before the first deed was issued and before the first entry in the abstract deed books.  The first Commission operated from 1797 to 1804.  The second Commission, set up in 1805, was in existence until close to the end of the 19th century.

These publications cover the entire Province of Upper Canada and the series for the First Commissions is now complete.

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