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Linda's bookshelves are overflowing, so she is selling off some of her used books. 

Born on the Island (Amherst Island) 1878-1898, by the Lennox & Addington County Museum and Archives, soft cover$7.00
British Army Pensioners Abroad, 1772-1899, by Norman K. Crowder, soft cover$35.00
Canadian Gazetteer, 1846, by William H. Smith, Coles edition, soft cover (2 copies)$5.00
Canvas & Steam on Quinte Waters II, by Willis Metcalfe, soft cover$4.00
Check Rein, a Journey of Remembrance, by Ruth Reesor, soft cover$8.00
Ghost Towns of Ontario, Vol. 1, by Ron Brown, soft cover$8.00
Ghost Towns of Ontario, Vol. 2, by Ron Brown, soft cover$8.00
Murder Among Gentlemen, A History of Duelling in Canada, by Hugh A. Halliday, soft cover$10.00
Old Westmount, Montreal, by the Old Westmount Club of Westmount High School, soft cover$6.00
Ontario Archives Reports, soft cover, varying conditions, 1905, 1912-1915, 1928-1933CONTACT
Ontario Place Names, by David E. Scott, soft cover$7.00
Out of the Mists, A History of Clarke Township, by Helen Schmid & Sid Rutherford, hard cover$20.00
Palgrave, the United Church and the Community, by Palgrave United Church, soft cover$15.00
Sketch of an Old River, With an Illustrated Essay 'Shipbuilding on the Kennebunk’, by William E. Barry, hard cover$15.00
Tavern in the Town, by Margaret McBurney and Mary Byers, hard cover$7.00
The Clans and Tartans of Scotland, by R.R. McIan, soft cover$25.00
The Law Moves West, North-West Mounted Police, 1873-1878, ed. by R.W.W. Robertson, soft cover$5.00
The Oxen and the Axe, by The Pioneers, soft cover$13.00
Whiskey & Wickedness, Hastings Co. North, Gold Rush and Ghost Towns, 1825-1915, by Larry D. Cotton, soft cover$18.00
Bathurst District Marriages, 1831-1852$18.00
Dalhousie District Records, Pt. 1, 1825-1869$18.00
Home District Marriages, Pt. 1, 1808-1836$18.00
Home District Marriages, Pt. 2, 1835-1843$18.00
Home District Marriages, Pt. 3, 1843-1849$18.00
Home District Marriages, Pt. 4, 1848-1857$18.00
Huron District Marriages, 1841-1870$18.00
Niagara District Records, Pt. 1, 1795-1856$18.00
Niagara District Records, Pt. 2, 1792-1849$18.00
Niagara District Records, Pt. 3, 1816-1866$18.00
Niagara District Records, Pt. 4, 1820-1869$18.00
Simcoe District Marriages, 1842-1857$18.00
Talbot District Marriages, 1837-1857$18.00
Dobbie Cemetery, Bayham Twp.$3.00
Dresden Times Extracts, 1888-1922$12.00
Dresden Times Extracts, 1923-1956$12.00
Howard Twp. Population Return, 1846$2.00
Pioneer Sketches of Kent & Elgin Counties$3.00
Some Louisville Connections$5.00
Thamesville Herald Extracts, 1886-1907$6.00
The Kent Papers, Chatham Gleaner, Kent Advertiser, etc., by W. Craig Burch, soft cover, set of 4$10.00
Complete set of microfiche of Kent Co. cemetery inscriptions (approx. 115 cemeteries)$40.00
County Marriage Register, 1858-1869$18.00
Edwardsburgh Township Census, 1861$10.00
Four Townships on the Rideau Early Census (Wolford, Montague, Marlborough, Oxford) $8.00
Leeds & Lansdowne Townships, Rear, Census 1806-1845$8.00
Yonge Township Census, 1802-1829$6.00
Yonge Township Census, 1830-1840$6.00
Yonge Township Census, 1841-1848$6.00
Marriage Register of Rev. Robert Neill, Seymour Twp., 1840-1878, soft cover$3.00
Births, 1869-1879$8.00
Tillsonburg Pioneer Cemetery, Dereham$2.00
1901 Census, Picton$15.00
Caldwell Manor & Christie Manor Anglican Records, 1815-1825$7.50
Dunham Anglican Church Records, 1808-1817$6.50
CD-The Toronto and Home District Directory for 1837$6.00
CD-History of Toronto and County of York$12.00

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