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Upper Canadian Justice, Vol. 6 (Court of Oyer & Terminer)



This series covers the proceedings of the Court of Oyer and Terminer & General Gaol Delivery for the entire Province of Upper Canada, including verdicts, jury lists & sureties; each volume also contains extensive appendices and end notes.
Volume 6 covers the years of a cholera epidemic in Upper Canada, which greatly affected the administration of justice. Notable trials include that of Henry Sovereign, Canada’s first mass murderer, in the London District in 1832, those of John and Roxana Parker, and James Moody for the murder of Samuel Crawford in the Western District in 1833, and the shameful treatment of Patrick Donnelly in the Niagara District in 1832, who was judged to be insane and left in the Niagara jail until his death eight years later.
Fully indexed.
Volume 6 (1832-1833), 582 pages.


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Upper Canadian Justice, Vol. 6 (Court of Oyer & Terminer)
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