Upper Canadian Justice, Vol. 3 (Court of Oyer & Terminer)


This series covers the proceedings of the Court of Oyer and Terminer & General Gaol Delivery for the entire Province of Upper Canada, including verdicts, jury lists & sureties; each volume also contains extensive appendices and end notes.
Volume 2 contains several historically important and renowned trials from the period, such as the Ancaster ‘Bloody Assize’ of 1814 (the trials of those accused of treason during the War of 1812-1814), and the trial of the associates of the North West Company, prompted by Lord Selkirk.
Volume 3 contains the trials of the Ballyghiblin rioters, and a reconstruction of the Niagara District trials of Robert Gourlay and Bartemus Ferguson (original session missing).
Volume 4 contains the trials of Francis Collins for libel, the trial of those accused in the infamous “Types Riot” in the Town of York, and that of Charles French, apprentice of William Lyon Mackenzie, who was convicted of murder in 1828.
Each volume fully indexed.
Volume 3 (1819-1824), 544 pages.


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